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The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan's "Viewpoints" are the core products of ACCJ Advocacy. An ACCJ Viewpoint is a brief paper, generated by a committee, that expresses the Chamber's official position on a specific issue. Viewpoints are primarily used to express opinions on current policies, policies under consideration by the Japanese and/or U.S. governments, and policies under discussion in bilateral or multilateral forums. They are also used to raise new concerns about issues not currently on the Japanese government agenda.

ACCJ members who have an idea for a Viewpoint, would like to get involved in generating one, or just want more information on Viewpoints, are encouraged to contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

pdfMake Japan More Attractive to Foreign Talent By Amending Scope of Inheritance and Gift Tax Laws
Taxation Committee

pdfShingikai Access: Achieving Rulemaking Transparency Through Broader Participation
Legal Services Committee 

pdfPromote Oral Care to Prevent Periodontal Disease and Dental Caries
Healthcare Committee 

pdfEnhance the Insurance Product Approval Process to Further Promote Consumer Choice and Convenience
Insurance Committee

pdfAlign Consumption Tax Law with the Best Interests of Japanese Consumers, Japan’s Insurance Industry and Japanese Society at Large
Insurance Committee 

pdfEliminate Burdensome Individual Financial and Tax Reporting Requirements (English only)
Independent Business Committee, Legal Services Committee, Taxation Committee 

pdfChange Filing Deadlines for Corporate and Consumption Tax Returns in View of Increasing Tax Complexity and Compliance Burdens for both Taxpayers and the Tax Administration
Taxation Committee

pdfAdd Flexibility to the Labor Contract Law to Address Burgeoning Social Inequality While Spurring Economic Growth
Growth Strategy Task Force

pdfSimplify the Process for Quasi-drug (QD) Registration
Toiletries, Cosmetics & Fragrances Committee 

pdfReview the Bank Sales Channel to Further Enhance Choice and Convenience for Insurance Consumers
Insurance Committee 

pdfEnsure Further Transparency in Government Procurement of Supercomputing and Revise the Procedures to Introduce Supercomputers
High Performance Computing Task Force 

pdfEnsure a Level Playing Field between Kyosai and FSA-Regulated Insurance Companies
Insurance Committee 

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